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0.8: Codesize 729

  • Make the gun decrement keylength instead of halving

0.7 Codesize 732, APS 85.17

  • Back to 0.3
  • Try only functionally-equivalent shrinks (which means leaving in the 'shoot from next location' approximation)

0.6 Codesize 716, APS 84.87

  • Add back bounds-checking during the rebuilding, instead of just at the end
  • Find a few more bytes
  • Tune the flattener to enable more easily - eventually want to include hit distance in this decision
  • Make the forward-wall segment 8/14 = 0.57 radians instead of 0.75 radians. Perhaps try it even lower eventually?

0.5.1 Codesize 713, APS 85.0

  • Whoops, fix a major bug in the gun, the rebuilding stage had accidentally introduced a constant retreating velocity of 16 in addition to any actual retreating velocity, so it particularly affected bots which stay far away as all of their rebuilding went out of bounds, and Cotillion ended up shooting HOT.

0.5 Codesize 713, APS 82.81

  • Revert advancing velocity granularity, but keep some of the shrinking benefits and make the rounding more accurate to boot!
  • Aim from current location again, since it didn't help APS really and slurped up 16 bytes
  • Pull out the magic int tool in a massive war against codesize

0.4 Codesize 735, APS 84.8

  • Change advancing velocity granularity to 1, same as lateral velocity
  • Move out-of-bounds prediction checking to only test the final location, not the entire path
  • Shrinking associated with the above change

0.3 Codesize 746, APS 85.1

  • Back to 0.1
  • Aim from next location

0.2 Codesize 711, APS 84.5

  • Shoot at out-of-bounds predictions again, I don't remember it being that important in Waylander...

0.1 Codesize 743, APS 85.1

  • Always retreat from enemy
  • Don't shoot at out-of-bounds predictions
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