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Thought we could use this page to guide developers who want to help maintain the server code. Since right now I (PEZ) am one of these maybe we can use my questions as a starting point for the FAQ section. Please help with answering these. Here goes:


Where's the code at?

A: The main repository here: http://darkcanuck.net/svn/rumbleserver/trunk/

There's also a clone on Github: https://github.com/PEZ/RRServer

Can I use git?

Yes, both with the Github repository mentioned above and the main, svn, repository.

For the svn repository do:

$ git svn clone http://darkcanuck.net/svn/rumbleserver -s

Add a remote as needed:

$ git remote add origin <your remote>

The preferred way to work with the Github repo mentioned above is to fork it and then clone your fork to your machine.

Which files to ignore?

I don't know yet...

(The Git repository mentioned above has a .gitignore file that will hopefully soon be complete.)

Empty directories needed?

When I git cloned the original repository, git created three empty directories:

  • cache
  • configs
  • templates_c

These directories are needed by the Smarty template system. It's normal for them to be empty in a fresh repository checkout, but if they don't exist Smarty will complain at runtime. The contents of these directories should be ignored when checking in code (since Smarty generates them automatically).

I get a 404 when clicking on the Rankings links?

The requested URL /~pez/RRServer/Rankings was not found on this server.

If I access the rankings with rankings.php (lower case 'r') I get past this culprit. Should I configure httpd to ignore case?


The server URLs were setup to be identical to the old Java server, case and all. Httpd can safely be configured to ignore case, or we could update the .htaccess file to use case-insensitive rules.

(Actually, to me, that sounds like an issue of not having the .htaccess rules used at all. If you're using a non-apache, remember that you need to set up these redirects as appropriate for that server. I'm using lighttpd and if you need rules for that, I can post them. --Rednaxela 16:52, 12 November 2011 (UTC))

Ah, you're right. The "nice" URL is just "Rankings", whereas the actual file is "rankings.php". --Darkcanuck 17:14, 12 November 2011 (UTC)
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