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== 4-Oct-2008: Elo makes its debut

  • SVN Revision 11
  • Added Elo scoring based on old server's code.
    • Includes rating "jumpstart": bots with >50 battles start at an ideal rating based on APS.
    • This is causing slower uploads but should clear up once all bots get Elo ratings.
  • Ratings updates now done after every upload (no more periodic update).
  • Ratings use all available pairings for each update (slow, but this is the classic method).
  • Streamlined battle results table to use only one record per battle (was two); user data now in separate table.
    • Table size down to 30% of previous.

27-Sep-2008: Setting Priorities

  • Added priority pairings and battle number output to clients. I missed this last time around.
  • Tweaked database performance for results uploading.
  • Ratings rebuild has caught up, so rankings are now up-to-date within the last minute!
  • Melee rankings are starting to fill out.
  • Many thanks to GrubbmGait and [Darkstorm]] for generously contributing battles

25-Sep-2008: Build it and they will come?

  • One week, 4 clients uploading without any major issues. 68,148 battles in the general rumble so far.
  • No outstanding "known" bugs at this point (fingers crossed).
  • Added Glicko ratings and flushed existing pairings & ratings yesterday. That means the ratings are still rebuilding, and will probably catch up sometime tomorrow.
  • Added table sorting on the main rankings pages.
  • Added support for melee (works) and teams (my client doesn't work for teams so this is untested).

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