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* '''[[Robocode/Getting Started|Getting Started]]'''
* '''[[Robocode/Getting Started|Getting Started]]'''

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Welcome to the RoboWiki
Collecting Robocode knowledge since 2003.

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What is Robocode?

  • Robocode is a programming game. It can be used to teach or learn programming in Java or .NET. It can serve as a platform for exploring AI and machine learning techniques. Or it can be a competitive, addictive hobby that eats up all your time and CPU cycles.

Getting Started

Using the RoboWiki

  • We do our best to make the RoboWiki a great reference for all levels of Robocoders. But it's also a strong and long-standing community of passionate and helpful people.
    • Please feel free to introduce yourself by making pages for yourself and your bots.
    • Ask questions on any of the Talk pages.
    • Check the Recent Changes if you want to keep an eye on everything going on.
    • Follow @robowiki and @roborumble on Twitter.
    • Read Guide for Articles for tips and tools for writing RoboWiki articles.
    • Let us know how we can improve the wiki - or contribute to it yourself!



External Links

A few robots worth checking out...

Development Tools

  • RoboResearch - Every serious Robocoder's best friend, this excellent utility helps you run loads of tests against your favorite test bed or run it through a challenge.
  • Eclipse - Get Robocode setup with Eclipse, one of the most popular Java IDEs.
  • Robocode API - Not a "tool", per se, but you'll need to get familiar with it!
  • Graphical Debugging - Using Robocode's graphics support to draw on the battlefield can be a huge help in making sure your bot is doing and thinking what you expect it to.
  • Visual Studio .NET - You can now create .NET Robocode bots, too.
  • NetBeans - Prefer NetBeans to Eclipse? Here's a detailed guide to getting it setup with Robocode.
  • FloodGrapher - Graphing your bot's movement can offer a lot of insight into where you need to make improvements.
  • Utilities - More tools to make your Robocoding easier and more productive.

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