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Günstige Kredite findet man im Internet. Denn da bieten schon fast alle Online Kreditanbieter ihre Dienstleistung ihren Kunden an. Sie können also mit wenigen Mausklicks ihre persönliche Finanzierung Beantragen.

ein Onlinekredit ist für sparer gut

wer es eilig hat kann einen Sofortkredit Beantragen

die Rate kann meistens frei gewählt werden

ein Hausbau kann schon richtig ins Geld gehen

ein Auslandskredit bei nicht so guter Situation

im Versicherugsbereich sollte man sich vorher informieren

Welcome to the RoboWiki
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What is Robocode?

  • Robocode is a programming game. It can be used to teach or learn programming in Java or .NET. It can serve as a platform for exploring AI and machine learning techniques. Or it can be a competitive, addictive hobby that eats up all your time and CPU cycles.

Getting Started

Using the RoboWiki

  • We do our best to make the RoboWiki a great reference for all levels of Robocoders. But it's also a strong and long-standing community of passionate and helpful people.
    • Check the Recent Changes to see current discussion and updates.
    • Please feel free to make pages for yourself and your bots.
    • Ask questions and read up on any of the Discussion tabs of each page.
    • Submit your bots to the RoboRumble
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    • Read Guide for Articles for tips and tools for writing RoboWiki articles.
    • Let us know how we can improve the wiki - or contribute to it yourself!



External Links

A few robots worth checking out...

Development Tools

  • RoboResearch - Every serious Robocoder's best friend, this excellent utility helps you run loads of tests against your favorite test bed or run it through a challenge.
  • Eclipse - Get Robocode setup with Eclipse, one of the most popular Java IDEs.
  • Robocode API - Not a "tool", per se, but you'll need to get familiar with it!
  • Graphical Debugging - Using Robocode's graphics support to draw on the battlefield can be a huge help in making sure your bot is doing and thinking what you expect it to.
  • Visual Studio .NET - You can now create .NET Robocode bots, too.
  • NetBeans - Prefer NetBeans to Eclipse? Here's a detailed guide to getting it setup with Robocode.
  • FloodGrapher - Graphing your bot's movement can offer a lot of insight into where you need to make improvements.
  • Utilities - More tools to make your Robocoding easier and more productive.

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