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Setting up

If you entered a bot into the competition, you could consider to collaborate running the competition by using your computer to execute battles and upload results (similar to SETI@Home project). The process is fully automated, so there is no pain on doing it.

Run it as much as you can! The more you run it, the faster everybody's bots will be ranked. If you find problems, refer to the RoboRumble related pages, or post your issue and we will try to solve it.

With the Roborumble Superpack

The Roborumble Superpack is a zip file containing an updated Robocode install, with all bots (as of 2011/01/23) downloaded already.

  1. Download and unzip the 'Roborumble Superpack' with bots (28MB).
  2. for a the latest robot archive (automatically updated) grab latest bot archive (26.8MB) and extract it into the "robots" directory
  3. Edit "roborumble/roborumble.txt", "roborumble/meleerumble.txt", "roborumble/teamrumble.txt", and "roborumble/twinduel.txt" files and change the Put_Your_Name_Here to your nick or your handle.
  4. For newer CPU owners, disable Dynamic Overclocking.
  5. There you go! You can start you client using roborumble.bat or (depending on the OS)! Note, the first time it can take some time for robocode to examine the jar files.

From standard Robocode

If you don't wish to use the Roborumble Superpack, you may run the standard Robocode installation.

  1. Make a new, clean installation of the version of Robocode (download link). Download a version that matches what the LiteRumble Statistics indicates is allowed.
  2. Edit "roborumble/roborumble.txt", "roborumble/meleerumble.txt", and "roborumble/teamrumble.txt" file and change the Put_Your_Name_Here to your nick or your handle.
  3. You might be also ensure all the rumble server references are correct (there are 3). For Literumble, they should all begin with
  4. Extract the zip-file latest bot archive (26.8MB) into the "robots" directory.
  5. For newer CPU owners, disable Dynamic Overclocking.
  6. There you go!
  7. You can start your 1vs1 client using roborumble.bat, or roborumble.command (depending on the OS)
  8. You can start your melee client using meleerumble.bat, or meleerumble.command (depending on the OS)!
  9. You can start your team client using teamrumble.bat, or teamrumble.command (depending on the OS)!
  10. Note, the first time it can take some time for robocode to examine the jar files.

Get robot database

If you did not get the bots in the Roborumble Superpack, it is recommended that you get a reasonably up-to-date set of robots. Grab the following zip file and extract the .jar file to your RR@H robots directory.

Since 2012.05.08 you can download the LATEST robot pack from:

The file provides an archive of all robots in the rumble, which is automatically updates on an hourly basis. Thanks to Rednaxela for maintaining this.

For older robot versions, have a look at:

Since 2013.01.07 rumble robots archive and robots for Challenges also mirrored to GitHub repository on daily basis (download link exmple:

1vs1 database (dated)

get the 300 updates since ? till 20041017:

And get the 308 updates since 20041017 till 20070929:

And get the 166 updates since 20070929 till 20090301:

And get the 121 updates since 20090301 till 20090719

Get the updates since ? till 20120307:

Melee database (dated)

Team database (dated)

Twin Duel database (dated)

How to enter a robot into the competition

See here: RoboRumble/Enter_The_Competition

Problem reporting

Issues on starting off with RoboRumble can be discussed on the talk page.
Old issues are archived at RoboRumble/StartingWithRoboRumbleOld.

Useful options in roborumble.txt

  • "USER": Your name/handle, used for identification of your roborumble client.
  • "BATTLESPERBOT" is the minimum number of battles a bot needs before it stops getting priority.
  • "NUMBATTLES", the number of battles fought on each run of roborumble.
  • "UPLOAD", can be used to disable uploading. Use this to disable uploading when testing a version of robocode NOT listed above. Note, the current server will reject results from incorrect versions anyway.
  • "ITERATE", whether to run battles indefinitely.

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