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Candidates Promise National-Service Initiatives

Cindy McCain's battle against prescription drug addiction has been part of her public speaking points for years, but a deeper investigation reveals the far-reaching consequences of her actions

Brief History of Robocode

The Robocode game was originally started by Mathew A. Nelson, aka Mat Nelson, as a personal endeavor in late 2000 and became a professional one when he brought it to IBM, in the form of an alphaWorks download, in July 2001.

In the beginning of 2005, Robocode was brought to SourceForge as Open Source with Robocode version 1.0.7. At this point, the development of Robocode was somewhat stopped. In the mean while, the Robocode community began to develop their own versions of Robocode in order to get rid of bugs and put new features into Robocode, the Contributions for Open Source Robocode and later on the RobocodeNG project by Flemming N. Larsen.

As nothing seemed to happen with Robocode in more than a year, Flemming N. Larsen took over the Robocode project at SourceForge as administrator and developer in July 2006. The RobocodeNG project was dropped, but the Robocode 2006 variant, which contained a lot of contributions from the Robocode community was merged into the official Robocode with version 1.1. Since then, a lot of new versions of Robocode have been released with more and more features and contributions from the community.

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