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This page describes how to download and install the Robocode game.


How to download Robocode

NOTE: Java must be installed in order to install and run Robocode! See the System Requirements page for more info.

Robocode can be downloaded from the download page at SourceForge; this page contains all Robocode releases available for download.

The file you want to download is a JAR (Java ARchive) file, which is in fact a renamed ZIP file used for distributing Java programs. The name of the file will be named something like robocode-setup-x.y.z.jar, where "x.y.z" indicates the version number.

Debain/Ubuntu Users

A slightly out of date version of Robocode is available in the Universe Section of the Repos. This version is not recommended since it isn't supported by the Robocode Community.

How to install Robocode

If Java has been properly installed (see System Requirements), you should be able to install Robocode by opening the downloaded setup file (the JAR file).

Alternatively, you could open a command prompt / shell where you change the current directory (using the cd command) to the directory you downloaded the Robocode setup file into, and then type:

java -jar robocode-setup-x.y.z.jar

Of course the x.y.z must be replaced with the Robocode version you are going to install.


Ubuntu/Debain users could run into a couple of snags while installing Robocode. The best place to install it at is your ~/ directory (which is /home/account_name/ in short hand).

If you have a working java compiler already, you should be set. If not, you need to get a package from the repositories with the javac program in it, or let Robocode install Jikes. If you changed your JDK recently (like sun-java5-jdk to sun-java6-jdk or openjdk-6-jdk), you need to run sudo update-alternatives --auto javac in your shell to get the new javac to link correctly.

How to get notified about new releases

If you want to know exactly when a new release is available, you can subscribe to the Robocode file release RSS feed. The feed will provide you with a link to both the release notes and where to download Robocode.

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