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       Archive        This page is archived. Do not add yourself to the list. It was an important part of Robocode history, and should be preserved as-is.

In any case, the current RoboRumble server doesn't support Elo ratings, rendering the whole "2000 rating" goal moot.

Some image links are broken. They should be fixed, if possible, or replaced with archived ranking tables, if possible.

The 2000 sub-clubs:
The 2000 ClubMini - Micro - Nano

The 2000 Club Mini is a list of bot authors who have created a minibot with a RoboRumble rating of over 2000 Elo, with at least 1000 battles fought (500 until October 3, 2007), from 2004 to 2008, in the mini 1v1 category.

# Author Flag Robot Date of admission Proof
1 rozu (rz) CHE.gif Apollon 0.21 March 17th, 2004 archives
2 PEZ MAN.gif Pugilist June 2nd, 2004 archives
3 Voidious USA.gif Komarious 1.23 April 8th, 2006
4 Simonton USA.gif WeeksOnEnd 1.1 January 11, 2007
5 Kev (kc) USA.gif Vyper 0.311 April 11, 2007 screenshot
6 Skilgannon (jk) ZAF.gif Cunobelin 0.2.2 Unknown screenshot
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