strange stats for jk.mega.DrussGT 3.1.3

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Revision as of 19 April 2014 at 20:35.
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I just looked at the roborumble page and there is something strange. How come that jk.mega.DrussGT 3.1.3 has more than 100% of PWIN?

    Beaming (talk)01:57, 19 April 2014

    I looked on it now and it has exactly 100% PWIN. But what is really interesting about DrussGT's score, is that it has some extremely high scores against some very good bots, like for example 88% against Phoenix and even 99.82% APS against Hydra!? I know that Druss is very good, but >99% against the #12 bot Hydra is still extremely much in my opinion.

      Cb (talk)20:35, 19 April 2014
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