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I'm a beginner robocoder that was introduced to java programming in March 2013. I'm usually called beastbots, without the 101(some confusion there!).

Check out my bots:

  • Eagle- A minimum risk movement melee bot
    • Twin duel spin off of Eagle- EagleTwin, for the team EagleTwins
  • Fusion- A Multi-Mode micro rambot with linear targeting. Not as competitive as I hoped. 620 roborumble
  • NightBird- Tiny code size random movement nanobot with linear targeting. Probably would go around 800 in roborumble.
  • Pegasus- Mirror mover with circular targeting. 776 in roborumble.
  • Panther- Newest bot released, October 18th. Minibot with modified wave surfing, newbie level. -note: this bot is closed source.

unreleased bots

  • Starship- Unreleased wave surfer with guess factor targeting
  • StarshipGT- Same as Starship but with go to style surfing, like in DrussGT(I should probably change the name)
  • Jupiter- Unreleased melee bot
  • JupiterNano- Unreleased pattern matcher with a gun from WeekendObsession
  • MicroBoss- random movement microbot
  • Phantom- Another mega, random movement
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