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Version Download link

  • Changed the VG system, hopefully it's faster now.
  • Results:
  •  ??

Version Download link

  • Back to version 1.3.7
  • Added a new mode to the gun, a normal DC gun using inverse Manhattan distance to weight the scans.
  • DC Wave surfing also using inverse Manhattan distance to weight the scans.
  • Results:
  • Hard to say, pulled out because it had some really weird results loosing badly against non-top bots, think it was because skipped turns.

Version 1.5.0 Download link

  • Back to version 1.3.7
  • Added two more modes to guns, weak and heavy anti-surfer modes.
  • Small changes to movement
  • Results:
  • Pretty much the same thing as YersiniaPesis 1.3.7, only very minor differences so the former is kept.

Version Download link

  • Made virtual bullets to be factors instead of angles, mainly to make it faster.
  • Added 5 dynamically adjusted weighted distancers to the gun. The real reason of the release.
  • Results:
  • Improved against some bots, but worse in general.

Version 1.3.7 Download link

  • Made rotation relative to velocities sing.
  • Fixed distancing algorithm bug.
  • Improved targeting
  • Parameter tuning until it was able to beat Dookious, Shadow, DrussGT and Phoenix.
  • Results:
  • Finally in the top 10 :).
  • APS went up by almost 1 point.
  • Right now #1 in PL score, but may fluctuate because it has one win and one loss against some top bots.

Version 1.3 Download link

  • Fixed bug calculating stopped time of bots.
  • Improved targeting
  • Fixed bug that made me choose a random gun instead of the best gun.
  • Added an Anti-Surfer mode to the guns.
  • Improved surfing
  • Added a Gaussian function for smoothing.
  • Changed some stuff all around, I think I made it worse in some areas.
  • Results:
  • No increase in ranking spots, but slightly better APS.
  • It looses to Dookious again :-(.
  • Better PL Score, only looses to Dookious, Phoenix and Garm. Only one battle against Shadow, so fingers still crossed.

Version 1.2 Download link

  • Reverted to version 0.1beta.
  • Improved surfing
  • Better simple targeting dodging.
  • Changed how flattening works.
  • Went up 2 spots in the rumble, and it won against Dookious :-).
  • But worse against some other bots.

Version 1.1 Download link

  • Fixed potential NullPointerException.
One on One:

Version 1.0 Download link


Version 0.1beta Download link

One on One:
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