Chronicle of 2007

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Simonton took the crown of best RM guns from the targeting challenges.

The wiki got hit by severe spam, particularly in Corbos, DynamicSegmentation, HataMoto, Wcsv, WikiPages, and a few others.

The new wiki got started! (And spammed lightly.)

RoboResearch was created! (Which Starrynte used to run battles for Simonton while his computer wasn't working well.)

According to Simonton, David Alves "can run about 500 [seasons]/day" because "he got himself a new quad-core machine" :)

A ton of new DynamicClustering bots appeared.

Skilgannon and Kev entered the The2100Club.

KdTrees were introduced to Robocode, making huge DynamicClustering logs possible.

Kawigi returned to the scene for a bit, stepping in and dominating the TwinDuel for many months with the first and only release of his MarioBros team.

There was a major increase in the competitiveness in the top 10 of both the RoboRumble and the MicroRumble.

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