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Delta squad.jpg
The Delta Squad
Author(s) KID
Extends TeamRobot
Targeting Virtual Guns :
Head-On Targeting
Linear Targeting
Circular Targeting
Random Targeting
GuessFactor Targeting
LateralVelocity PM
Movement WaveSurfing
Best Rating Team: 1553.89 (16th)
Current Version .1
Code License None
Youtube has a video of Codefest Finals - Match 1 in action: click here to watch
Youtube has a video of Codefest Finals - Match 2 in action: click here to watch
Youtube has a video of Codefest Finals - Match 3 in action: click here to watch


Delta Squad - yep, it's from Republic Commando...

Delta Squad is a four robot team. My goal was to make each robot have a different strategy that lent itself to the team as a whole. While it hasn't quite gotten that far yet, I'm still working on it. The thing that I really like about this team though is that it does pretty well in the TeamRumble for only have four robots and not five.

What's Next?

It's on the back burner..

Virtual Combat

Delta Squad is competing in Virtual Combat after I hacked together some object detection/avoidance and flag seeking. It's also, currently, doing quite well.

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