Why do we host bots outside of this wiki?

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Why do we host bots outside of this wiki?

If we upload bots to wiki, we would always have bots ready for download as long as wiki is online. If it is not-online, literumble clients cannot access the list of bots anyway, so it is as bad as missing jars for download.

Additionally, we would not depend on big brother hostings like GitHub, Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. These are notorious for changing their APIs leading to bots disappearance. Our own webservers go down too, though I would claim, situation is better than big hosting providers.

I see only one reason: it would increase wiki storage space requirement. But the latest bots archive at [1] is only 36 MB, which is nothing in comparison to the full wiki dump which is about 750 MB.

Beaming (talk)00:31, 7 September 2017

Good idea! I also thought about that years ago, but haven't mentioned it.

It's really hard for a new participant to join the rumble — you have to be Java 5 compliment (before the recent update that raised the requirement to Java 8), and you have to find a hosting service which offers permanent links to direct download.

I'm also considering some API for manipulating the participants list — it's easy to break it, and anyone can do that (and causing the literumble to be unstable for awhile)

E.g. we may want to add a form, where you can submit your bot name with a download link, and it automatically validates your package to make sure no mistake. It may also remove the older version automatically.

Xor (talk)05:01, 7 September 2017

Another reason would be, 1000+ request from every one who runs the rumble for the first time would be DDOS. And this really increases the fee in bandwidth.

But the solution is easy as well — force those who run the rumble for the first time use latest-participants archive.

Xor (talk)05:11, 7 September 2017

Attempting to upload a robot JAR to the wiki produces the following error message:

The file is a ZIP file that contains a Java .class file. Uploading Java files is not allowed because they can cause security restrictions to be bypassed.

Until this problem is fixed, I am reverting your advice on RoboRumble/Enter The Competition.

MultiplyByZer0 (talk)21:20, 16 September 2017
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