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I think I know what your next goal is . . .

Being number 5 in RoboRumble !!

In all other 1-vs-1 categories you have already mastered that goal (Did you do that on purpose ?)

GrubbmGait (talk)00:12, 2 August 2019

How'd you guess ;)

But top 5 in RoboRumble is my next next goal. My next goal is to bug all my IRL friends until they make robots!

I was originally aiming for top 10 in everything, but once I got there, I saw top 5 wasn't too far away, so I went for it!

Slugzilla (talk)05:23, 2 August 2019

Big doers are essentially Big thinkers. So never limit your ambition! Always pursue the best, and don’t forget to move pace by pace.

Xor (talk)09:42, 3 August 2019
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