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what is the best robot that you can make without using more than ten lines of codes

Tmservo (talk)22:55, 9 December 2013

Perhaps if you included reasons in more of your questions, you would get more responses. As it is, you seem to be asking rather arbitrary questions to which the answers seem irrelevant.

Straw (talk)05:39, 10 December 2013

Who knows? Not all bots are open source, and I agree with straw that this is not really relevant.

BeastBots101 (talk)00:55, 12 December 2013

Given that new line characters in Java are optional, this robot is better than DrussGT. Also, I think that the "no free lunch theorem" rather limits what can be postulated of said hypothetical robot. But seriously, I'm finding your questions rather annoying. Could you please try using punctuation, multiple sentences, and acknowledging that you understand what we tell you?

Also, questions like "How do I make an X-tree?" don't really belong here. This isn't a general programming forum, and if you can't understand it by using google, you probably need to spend more time increasing your coding skills rather than asking what the best ______ in robocode is. I know we try to be welcoming on the robowiki, and people were very patient with me, but I think it seems like you need to learn more programming before you should worry about most of the questions you are asking. In fact, I'd say learning more programming would make it so you would never ask this question.

I don't mean to scare you away, but some of your questions seem to indicate that you need to learn more about programming. If you have questions about why the GF tutorial does certain things, then please ask them. If you're wondering how to write a priority R tree, then I don't think we'll have the time to help you.

AW (talk)01:41, 12 December 2013

Adding on, try not to be demanding in your questions... "Somebody answer this" or "Why won't anybody post a reply" are not really relevant. Responses usually take hours or even days to come. Be patient. This is also in the wiki postings thread.

And me being 10 minutes after AW is a coincidence.

And I HAD no programming skills earlier. I'm currently still a Robocode Noob and learning java.

BeastBots101 (talk)01:52, 12 December 2013
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