Is it by design that meleerumble and roborumble are not archieved?

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I see. Then incomplete pairing is partially my fault. I introduce new version before pld one settles.

But do we really need the full set of pairings? If a bot missing 10% of a total number, than it must be very lucky to skip the best bots. It is unlikely that such a bot wiuld raise or sink to much with additional pairings.

If it has only one battle, it is a different story. I've seen my bot on top of the rumble after one battle :)

Beaming (talk)02:20, 30 September 2015

Full pairings isn't that difficult to achieve, so I'd rather only archive when we have the full set of data to compute the rankings correctly. There's only the one bot in 1v1 now that's an issue. We should be back to regular archives soon. :-)

Voidious (talk)15:11, 30 September 2015
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