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05/10/2010: UltraMarine isn't finished, but here he is

Today i decide show UltraMarine for the world:) There're still many bugs and long todo list, but i think he will take place in top 100:)

05/10/2010: Bum... Bum... UltraMarine cooooomiiiiing...

Today UltraMarine first time in his history wins DrussGT in 35 rounds:) The result isn't stable now, but i think, that this means something anyway:) UM wins DrussGT.png

--Jdev 08:50, 5 October 2010 (UTC)

14/09/2010: Russian expansion

I teach course of Object-Orientet Programming, and I decide to build it on Robocode. My students will write robots and then there will be tournament between them for total marks. So in closest few months robocde community will be refilled with 20 russian robocoders and, may be, some of them will be active:)

10/09/2010: UltraMarine coming...

Today UltraMarine completly beats DrussGT in 5 round battle) I know, that it means nothing, but it's good motivation buster) Mot buster.png

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