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This challenge was established to hone our targeting against Wave Surfers.

While aiming at Random Movement (see TCRM) is generally more important for gaining RoboRumble points, the Premier League crown demands excellent Anti-Surfer Targeting. And as the number of Wave Surfers in the RoboRumble continues to grow, it will gain you more rating points, too.

Results are over 35 rounds, equivalent to the "fast learning" version of the old school TCs. Rules are the same as they are for the TCs.


  1. The challenger must remain stationary all the time.
  2. The challenger is only allowed to feed the fire() method(s) the constant 3.
    • This often results in at least one bullet per round fired with energy lower than 3, though.
    • Which means no energy management whatsoever.
  3. The challenger meets each reference bot in battle over 35 rounds.
  4. The challenger's score against each reference bot is calculated like challenger bullet damage / rounds.
    • Average the scores against each reference bot to get the total score.
  5. The Challenger meets each reference bot over 30+ seasons of 35 rounds each.

Reference Bots

DC-Wave Surfers

VCS-Wave Surfers

Download them all at once here: (764 kb)

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