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You are my hero! I just looked at eternal rumble, there was an update maybe twenty minutes ago. CIGARET IS 1ST 1v1! Congrats! SandBoxDT also finally has that little negative face next to it!! -- Kuuran

Hey Hey!!! Congratulations, Iiley!! Keep up the good work! :-) -- Dummy

Thanx, but it returned to #2 this turn. ;[ -- iiley

Still a wonderful position, don't take it as a defeat. You're the only one so far to have broken down SandBoxDT's dominance. -- Kuuran

I ran Cigaret 1.2 against DT and got some interesting results. DT eventually learns and comes back ahead, but 1.2 seems to be able to beat him pretty thoroughly early on. Also, Cigaret stayed ahead on bullet damage even when losing on survival. I think the latest wave targeting definitely beats whatever DT is using. Nicely done. -- Kuuran

Thank you Kuuran,Yes,in fact Cigaret never can beat DT in a large rounds,it just can beat DT in less than 100 rounds some times. -- iiley

I wrote a new stat-gun for my own bots and was quite satisfied when i saw it hit many good bots.Then i took cigarets movement in order to put it together to a completly new bot. I want to let this bot enter the RoboRumble now (as a wiki. bot) . Am i allowed to do this and does this bot have to be open soure?
PS: I dont know why but my browser shows my that i am PEZ :/ --deathcon

OK,hope to see.~;]
PS: change to your name in Preferences.~;] -- iiley

Done! added this bot:



Cool. It will be interesting to see where this bot ranks. I hope you open sourced it. I do think that bots built from open source bots should also be open source. ad.Neo's example should not be followed IMO. -- PEZ

Of cause it IS open souce. --deathcon

Cool Done deathconVoidious,hope to see its ranking.~;] -- iiley

where do i download this bot? been looking for yonks now :-( !

where can i find the code of this bot... ??? dr_bocky

you can download it here(source included): -- iiley

Hey. Check out this graph: pretty cool! -- PEZ

? Why is it so cool? --Vic

This old robot almost draws against all top-10 bots and even wins against some of them. -- PEZ

  • Ah yes, still an amazing gun. It's funny how we all seem to think of it as an "old" robot when it was in the top 3 only a year ago. I guess it wasn't top 3 for nothing back then. It would probably score pretty good in the RRGunChallenge. --Vic

This robot, and virtually every other cx.* robot is the bane of my existance right now. I can not even manage a draw vs. most of them. The movement is simply devilish. Very hard to hit. Ah well, the search continues. -- jim