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I took the freedom of erasing all my old and deprecated stuff which just cluttered this page :) Please inform me if this is "bad" behaviour here, then we can restore it!

I also have some questions, and wonder if there is a good way to talk to more experienced Robocoders, like some IRC channel or similar, or a good place to post these questions?

While I'm at it, I wonder how to get LiteRumble running. I downloaded a "superpack" from the talk page of LiteRumble, but it was for for some 1.7.x version, and someone mentioned to update the client to the newest version. So could I just create a new folder for the most recent robocode, copy all the bots from the superpack there and change the roborumble settings? What's the most elegant way? :) And do the bots update automatically? I don't want to be just trying it out, since I fear I could destroy something by doing this.. --Kenran 19:38, 16 April 2013 (UTC)