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Hey there!


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Congratulations on wiping out half of the RoboRumble821:07, 23 March 2022

Congratulations on wiping out half of the RoboRumble

You just dropped RoboRumble from 1100 bots to 274 bots. Congratulations on that.

I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Next time, please use the "Show changes" button before saving pages, and check the "Recent changes" page after.
MultiplyByZer0 (talk)05:31, 19 August 2017

Really felt sorry for that... I should recheck the page once again after I finally save page :( Preview button is not enough :(

Anyway, thanks for your immediate reaction, the rumble may take even longer to recover without your help :( I promise I'll double check whenever I edited a page, sorry again for my careless!

Xor (talk)05:35, 19 August 2017

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I think it's just because some bots are still not counted in rumble. After every bot is recovered, the battles will be recovered as well, as battles are counted in pairs.

Xor (talk)06:17, 19 August 2017

In any case, here are the possible recovery plans:

  • If LiteRumble is capable of auto-recovering itself, we don't need to do anything.
  • If there is permanent data loss, Skilgannon can recover from the backups.
  • Even in the worst-case scenario, still has old copies of rankings, and we can work from there.

I don't think anything major will be lost.

MultiplyByZer0 (talk)06:51, 19 August 2017

I think it just takes time :(, no data will be lost, e.g. all the data is still available while the bot is not yet recovered in the rumble.

Xor (talk)07:06, 19 August 2017

Hi guys

No worries, the pairings should still be there, just hidden, for the next 14 days. All bots need 1 battle again, and then each will need another battle once all the bots are all back in the rumble to reprocess their results. This should be fixed fairly quickly.

Once its stable again I'll do another backup, since it's been quite a while...

Skilgannon (talk)13:27, 19 August 2017

This time it looks that only the newly added bots get correct pairings, e.g. 1189, 1188, 1187, but the bots added early has 400 pairings, and goes to 401 once it receives one more battle. So does it take ~1000000 battles to fix this time?

Xor (talk)11:15, 23 March 2022

Nothing has changed in the LiteRumble.

However, I think also the batch processing will fix the Alive status of all the pairings, as long as the bots are correctly marked.

Skilgannon (talk)21:07, 23 March 2022