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Version 0.1.03 - Rating: 1783.8 (91th) - 15 Feb 09 - Add new thing

  • TOP 100 I'M HAPPY :)
  • Add Dive Protection (use same thing as Komarious)
  • Add stop precise prediction
  • Change rolling average depth (now it like Komarious: when wave hit, rolling at 100; when bullet hit, roll at 0.8)
  • A LOT decrease on VGun rolling average depth from 200 to 3 to make the adaptive movement harder to dodge.
  • Remove flattener (seem to lower my ranking)
  • Misspelling bug not yet fix.
  • This should be last version of 0.1 series.

Version 0.1.02 - Rating: 1774.8 (161st) - 12 Feb 09 - Small Bugfix

  • Reduce RollingAverage depth: I once saw that lower rolling average is better with well segmentation. I try my own and gave it 100 values which can dodge Phoenix well! Then, I look at other people source code and I realized that I have too much recent data! So, by now, it 15.
  • Sightly improve VGun stats calculation.
  • Change flattener condition and operation a bit, but still no segment.
    • Seem to be that default WaveSurfing is better than older version of Flattener, not sure this version
  • Leave one bug there: The misspelling of graphics.
  • Hope this will be last release of 0.1. I am fully redesign this robot (like I did in Carola from 0.2 to 0.3) but base on same concept.

Version 0.1.01 - Rating: ? (124th) - 16 Jan 09 - Critical Bugfix

  • I just try a WaveSurfingChallenge just before I released this bot and I forgot to put gun back in!
  • But I saw some old score that I can dodge many of HOT well (Ha ha, I always update HOT hit in my stat each time a wave pass!)
  • EDIT: The old ranking seem to be wrong with this version. I've removed it since I think it Glicko2, not ELO.

Version 0.1 - Rating: ? - 16 Jan 09 - First release

  • It isn't a time to released yet but I need to know its performance because I will go to scout camp tomorrow.