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Bots are often categorized by their various characteristics when it comes to competitions:

Battle Preference

Number of opponents

  • OneOnOne (category): Bots that fight face to face, only two bots in the arena.
  • Melee (category): Bots capable of facing multiple enemies. More than two bots in the arena.
  • Overall: Bots suited for both OneOnOne and Melee fights.
  • Teams: Bots designed to work as a group.


  • Survivalists: Bots focused on being the last one alive, bullet damage not required.
  • FemtoBot: Basically rating = score / CodeSize. Bigger bots have to score more to be competitive.
  • RamBots: Bots designed to fight at extremely close range, augmenting their score with ram damage.


  • JustForFun: Bots developed for amusement rather than battle.
  • TechDemos: Bots built to show a special feature, and not intended for real battle.


Weight Class

measured in CodeSize.

Lines of code

General Design

  • MultiMode: Bots with multiple ways of doing things. Not specifically used in competitions.
  • PerceptualBots: Bots that do not store any information in-between turns