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The list is in alphabetical order.

Username/Alias Real Name Bots currently in rumble GMail/Email AIM Yahoo! Windows Live GTalk Skype Others
Chase-san Robert Maupin Nene, Seraphim, Wren, ExclusionNano chasesan chasesandrgn - - chasesan chasesan Twitter: @chasesan
Jdev Aleksey Zhidkov Tomcat, ConceptA, Emerald aleksey.zhidkov - - - - aleksey-zhidkov Twitter: @AlexeyZhidkov
Nat Nat Pavasant ... nat3738 - nat3738 nat3738 nat3738 -
Skilganon Julian Kent DrussGT, Wintermute, CunobelinDC, Toorkild jkflying - jkflying - - -
Starrynte To be added starrynte starrynte starrynte starrynte starrynte - -
Voidious - Dookious, Komarious, Jen, Diamond, BrokenSword, BlitzBat voidious voidious - - voidious - Twitter: @voidious