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Author(s) jlm0924
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Dynamic Clustering
Movement WaveSurfing
Released September, 2009

Bot Name 
jlm0924 (Justin Mallais)
What's special about it?
It uses a the same Wavesurfing movement for both 1vrs1 and in melee.
Currently 2nd place in melee Rumble as of Nov-Dec 2010
was 1st in melee Rumble and 37th in RoboRumble in May 12th 2010
First known Statistical melee surfing robot


How does it move?
(True) WaveSurfing

How does it fire?
DC Play it Forward
What does it save between rounds and matches?
everything between Rounds, and nothing after battle.


Inspiration - Acknowledgements - Special Thanks
Built upon Module by jab.
Gun evolved from Trons DC gun by ABC
Movement inspired by hawkOnFire by rz
WaveSurfing based on basicSurfer and wave surfing tutorial by Voidious.
Uses KdTree and FastTrig by Rednexala
Uses precise Simulation by Albert
If you've made a Util; I might use it :) Thx. (favourites: project, absoluteBearing, driveTo)
Special Thanks to Voidious, jab and Rednexala for their help, and open source insight into Java.