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/Evolution History
The Swarm
Author(s) jab
Extends TeamRobot

Background Info

What's special about it?

The Swarm consists on one Queen and four blind Bees.

The Queen's role

  • Attack the other leader, but not aggresively because her life is important for the survival of the swarm.
  • Tell the bees the positions of the enemies and the other bees.
  • Assignate a bee for each enemy that is not the leader. This continuous assignation is based on the minimum global distance among bees and enemies.

A Bee's role

  • Receive information and assignation from the Queen.
  • Ram the enemy.
  • Bite when close.
  • If there is no assignation (there are more bees than enemies), the bee will atack the enemies' leader or the closest enemy if the enemies' leader died.
  • If Queen dies, the Bees will start to fight as blind fighters.

How competitive is it?

Not too much.

Additional Info

Where did you get the name?

Enjambre means Swarm.