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1.42: Revamped movement

  • Restored the orbital dodging mode which was keeping scores up vs simple targeters.
  • Dropped the older random orbit movement in favour of the newer Raiko-style one.
  • Tweaked some distances and fixed a minor distancing bug.
  • Expanded my test bot set and this one worked out better than 1.34.

1.40: Improved movement

  • Created a pretty slick, low cost orbital movement to replace the ugly iterative one in previous versions
  • Smoothed out dynamic distancing
  • Replaced the buggy orbital dodge movement mode with another random movement inspired by Raiko's algorithm.
  • Ranked 126 in RoboRumble -- 65.10 APS, 1573 ELO, 1803 Glicko2, 2089 battles (30-May-2009)
    • Not-so-improved movement? My tests showed a noticeable increase vs top bots, the rumble showed that I neglected to test against simpler bots, which ate Gaff alive using HOT!

1.34: Combined + improved upon 1.32 targeting methods

  • After 15 seasons, squeaks into top spot of fast-learning TC2K7
  • Uses targeting methods from 1.32 and 1.32rm and combines the outputs
  • Improved input data classification by using radial basis functions
  • Tweaked movement to avoid corners somewhat
  • Ranked 91 in RoboRumble -- 69.66 APS, 1646 ELO, 2188 battles (26-May-2009)

1.32rm: Alternate version of 1.32 with improved random mover targeting

  • Same input data as 1.32, using NN training scheme designed to learn vs. random movers.
  • Ranked 96 in RoboRumble -- 69.16 APS, 1675 ELO, 2241 battles (13-May-2009)

1.32: Featuring new & improved anti-surfer targeting

  • New input data method to NN targeting scores very high against surfers in TC2K7.
  • Fixed bug where waves were not cleared at the end of every round.
  • Improved min/max reachable GF calculation and fixed related bug in NN training.
  • Ranked 95 in RoboRumble -- 69.32 APS, 1689.8 ELO, 2239 battles (12-May-2009)

1.30: Reworked movement

  • Orbital movements now take into account max. reachable angle
  • Added dynamic distancing based on energy differential
  • Removed cornering movement
  • Ranked 96 in RoboRumble -- 69.29 APS, 1714.9 ELO, 3705 battles (9-May-2009)

1.28: Minor tweaks to cornering and movement selection

  • Cornering no longer selected when Gaff is already cornered.
  • Damage differential now reset every round
  • Ranked xx in RoboRumble == 68.45 APS, 1819 ELO, 2175 battles (17-Dec-2009)

1.26: Tweaked movement to improve performance against worst ProblemBots and a selection of top bots. No targeting changes.

  • Cornering movement now used only when Gaff has a significant energy advantage
  • Random and dodging orbital styles selected based on current damage differential; now switches with same round if needed.
  • Bullet predictor decay rate decreased dramatically for faster adaptation.
  • Distancing adjusted to make orbital modes similar and decrease advantage of segmenting on distance (makes a big difference).
  • Fixed some bugs in the random mode which resulted in strange moves.
  • Ranked 106 in OneOnOne (1805.94pts, 2059 battles, 20-Aug-2008)

1.24: Mostly movement updates

  • Smoothed out dodging orbit movement mode
  • Added a random orbit (non-dodging) movement mode
  • Movement selection now settles on new random mode if other two modes lose too often
  • Increased bullet predictor decay rate
  • Minor tweaks to targeting NN to adapt faster and handle lower bullet powers better (but no challenge score improvement)
  • Ranked 97 in OneOnOne (1816.7pts, 2061 battles, 17-Aug-2008)

1.20: Further targeting improvements, many movement bug fixes

  • Targeting network no longer uses hidden layers.
  • Network is retrained at a slower rate but more often.
  • Fixed many, many bugs in the orbital movement and bullet dodging classes.
  • Removed the "oddball" movement style
  • Changed the movement style selection method
  • Ranked 117 in OneOnOne (1800.74pts, 2122 battles, 6-Aug-2008)

1.10: Continued improvements to targeting and some new movement

  • Targeting method now trains multiple samples per firing wave
  • Fixed a major bug in the bullet dodging code
  • Credits for both of the above go to Rednaxela
  • Added two new movement styles (orbital and "oddball") for situations where cornering isn't working out.
  • Ranked 163 in OneOnOne (1768.96pts, 2225 battles, 31-Jul-2008)

1.04: Major improvements to targeting after spending some time with the targeting challenges and RoboResearch

  • Now uses only one targeting method based on a small neural network with only one hidden layer
  • Added GuessFactor range limiting using my FutureMove class
  • Fixed a nasty bug in FutureMove that also affected dodging
  • Ranked 229 in OneOnOne (1688pts, 2007 battles, 27-Jun-2008)

1.00: Initial release

  • Ranked 313 in OneOnOne (1608pts, 23-Jun-2008)