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Author(s) GrubbmGait
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GuessFactor Targeting
Movement Stop And Go, oscillator
Released 2007-03-03
Best Rating APS: 76.28 (13th micro)
Current Version 0.7
Code License RWPCL

Background Information

What's special about it?
It is a microbot with Stop And Go and GuessFactor Targeting, so nothing really special.
Where did you get the name?
All my bots start with 'Gr' and the English translation is 'chuckle'.


How does it move?
It starts with Stop And Go and if it is killed in the first few round, it switches to (double) oscillator.
How does it fire?
It uses VCS GuessFactor Targeting, segmented on 'time since velocity change', absolute lateral velocity and wallproximity.
Does it have any WhiteWhales?
There a lots of microbots that beat it, but somehow it is still ranked pretty high.
What's next for your robot?
Nothing. Or I must encounter a breakthrough with Grimmig that can be used in a micro.
What's your goal?
The initial goal was to pass RaikoMicro, but that has never happened. It reached for a very short time the 3rd place in micro.


Simply said it is just the movement of Gruweltje with an amputated GresSuffurd gun. The microwave dates back to Aristocles. The rest of the info can be found on the wiki, so common knowledge.

Revision History

  • 0.7 (20071125) size 726 without colors
    • Microrating: 1882 (9th), PL: 173-25 (22nd)
    • Megarating: 1735 (147th)
    • simplified acceleration segment (only time-since, no more acc and decell)
    • added velocity and distance segments
  • 0.6 (20070730) size 748 without colors
    • Microrating: 1882 (9th), PL: 175-21 (19th) Note: a lot of drift and new top-micro's
    • Megarating: 1730 (153rd)
    • back to 0.4 movement (GrauwuarG is close-range fighter, Grinnik is not)
    • only switch to double oscillator movement if it dies within 5 rounds
  • 0.5 (20070725) size 748 without colors
    • Microrating: 1881 (5th), PL: 161-16 (15th)
    • Megarating: 1722 (148th)
    • make movement a bit distance-dependent (GrauwuarG study)
    • also use tickwaves
  • 0.4 (20070328) size 749 without colors
    • Microrating: 1900 (3rd), PL: 150-14 (10th)
    • Megarating: 1748 (113th)
    • fix occasional freeze
    • segment gun on acceleration (a la GresSuffurd)
    • change type of StopAndGo for codesize reasons
  • 0.3 (20070320) size 728 with colors
    • Microrating: 1815 (13th), PL: 137-27 (16th)
    • Megarating: 1683 (166th)
    • fire fullpower bullets at close range
    • even less dive-in protection (60 -> 82 degrees)
  • 0.2 (20070309) size 748
    • Microrating: 1795 (17th), PL: 134-30 (19th)
    • Megarating: 1676 (175th)
    • small bugfix onBulletHit()
    • much less dive-in protection (36 -> 60 degrees), so less stuck in corners
  • 0.1 (20070303)
    • Microrating: 1747 (24th), PL: 124-41 (24th)
    • Megarating: 1648 (202nd)
    • unsegmented GF-gun
    • StopNGo and oscillator movement