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; What's next for your robot?
; What's next for your robot?
: Nothing. This old bot still is a problembot for many.
: A few tweaks before the final 1.0 version, enough to leave [[Sanguijuela]] (far) behind, but probably not enough to really threaten [[MaxRisk]]. This old bot still has its teeth.
; How competitive is it?
; How competitive is it?

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Author(s) GrubbmGait
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Circular Targeting
Movement Ramming Movement
Released 2006-02-16
Best Rating APS: 54.67 (338th)
Current Version 0.9
Code License RWPCL

Background Information

What's special about it?
Frankly nothing, it just is one of the best rambots.
Where did you get the name?
Surprise: it is my third bot.


How does it move?
Ramming, it tries to intercept the opponent by following its own bullets. It reverses direction if it is more beneficial.
How does it fire?
Iterative circular gun with some protection to avoid shooting straight into the wall. The iteration stops at the outer hull of the opponent.
How does it dodge bullets?
It eats bullets for breakfast.
What's next for your robot?
A few tweaks before the final 1.0 version, enough to leave Sanguijuela (far) behind, but probably not enough to really threaten MaxRisk. This old bot still has its teeth.
How competitive is it?
It outranked the best rambot at that time, NanoDeath, in march 2005. In feb 2006, Kev's MaxRisk came along and became the best rambot by a large margin. Currently it is on par with Jab's Sanguijuela in second place. In the Rambot Challenge 2K6 it disappoints a bit with 5th place.


This tank is completely based on free information available on this wiki.

Recent Versionhistory

  • 0.9 The original since 2006
  • 0.9a 2017-09-06
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.78% (463rd), PL: 652-500 (474th), Survival: 51.16%
    • At the beginning of each round, turn radar the shortest way towards the center of the field.
    • Slightly better in micro and mini (Survival) but worse in roborumble
  • 0.9b 2017-09-07
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.76% (463rd), PL: 636-520 (493rd), Survival: 50.64%
    • Hit the brakes when sharp turn is needed (so less switching direction)
    • Seems that switching directions is more beneficial than keep chasing
  • 0.9c 2017-09-09
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.51% (470th), PL: 643-513 (488th), Survival: 50.78%
    • Stop iterating just outside hull, so a bit less overshooting. Probably the best version ?
    • only better against the few I tested, against the others . . . not
  • 0.9d 2017-09-09
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 56.15% (460th), PL: 680-477 (442nd), Survival: 52.41%
    • Introduce a 'wobble' (see behaviour of MaxRisk) when going rather straight
    • better overall especially PL and Survival, but against the really good ram-avoiders it is worse, sigh
  • 0.9orig 2017-09-10
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.91% (468th), PL: 655-498 (477th), Survival: 51.33%
    • Re-entry of original version (somewhat shrunken) to determine 'APS-rot'
    • Approx 0.12 APS-rot compared with Sanguijuela, so 0.9d really is the only improvement
  • 0.9e 2017-09-12
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.55% (470th), PL: 636-522 (495th), Survival: 50.51%
    • Small fast wobble in movement. Accidentally made the limit of GunTurnRemaining smaller, so it does not always fire when it can.
    • Two changes . . . so which one is to blame
  • 0.9f 2017-09-13
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.63% (468th), PL: 655-504 (476th), Survival: 50.79%
    • Only small fast wobble in movement.
    • simply, both to blame. Next time back to larger wobble
  • 0.9g 2017-09-15
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 56.3% (461st), PL: 681-479 (447th), Survival: 52.14%
    • Also keep track of speedchange in CT gun, next to headingchange (wow, really secret component)
    • Better, a bit less than I hoped. Now combine it with a better version of 0.9d
  • 0.9h 2017-09-20
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.9% (463rd), PL: 679-481 (449th), Survival: 52.01%
    • Improved version of 0.9d, wobble without hitting the wall
    • worse, but is it amplitude, timing or wallhit prevention
  • 0.9i 2017-09-21
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 55.9% (463rd), PL: 663-497 (465th), Survival: 51.89%
    • Amplitude and timing like 0.9d, but with wallhit prevention (or better: no wobble in sharp turns)
    • well, that wallhit prevention screws it up
  • 0.9j 2017-09-21
    • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 56.37% (461st), PL: 671-489 (457th), Survival: 52.58%
    • do adapt angle but do not adapt bulletpower when chasing opponent close to the wall (this really should give a few tenths of APS)
    • I should have thought about this back in 2006 . . .