MaxRisk Challenge

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Working on your robot? Trying to get it perfect? We all know the feeling. Here is the MaxRisk Challenge. This challenge is specially designed to help you overcome close range combat.

How To

  1. Obtain a copy of MaxRisk 0.6.
  2. Set your battlefield to 400x400. This makes it harder to run away, forcing your robot to fight at close range.
  3. Run 1000 rounds against MaxRisk with your bot.
  4. To determine your total score, use: (your score / total score)
    • More specifically: your score / (your score + enemy score) * 100


Bot Author Score share
BeepBoop 1.11 Kev 79.267%
Diamond 1.8.22 Voidious 69.128%
DrussGT 2.8.5 Skilgannon 68.765%
Nene MC66k7 Chase 66.872%
WhiteFang 2.1.5 Dsekercioglu 64.158%
SandboxDT 3.02 Paul Evans 60.723%

Results (800x600)

There results are here for completeness, since most authors care more about rumble performance then niche performance.

Bot Author Score share
BeepBoop 1.11 Kev 87.385%
DrussGT 2.8.5 Skilgannon 79.238%
Diamond 1.8.22 Voidious 77.901%
Nene MC66k7 Chase 76.108%
WhiteFang 2.1.5 Dsekercioglu 74.202%
SandboxDT 3.02 Paul Evans 64.226%

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