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Moving the content over from the old wiki is a large task. We can use this page to list certain decisions we've made in how to set things up here at the new wiki, like categories, formats, old discussions, content that shouldn't me migrated at all, etc. Ideas additions or changes to the list below can be discussed on the Talk page, of course.

  • Categories - Please categorize content as you move it over. For help on using categories on MediaWiki, see mediawiki.org's Category:Help page.
  • Discussions - Much of the content on the old wiki is discussions. We have an Old Talk category here that can be used for archiving old discussions from topic pages. Alternatively, a discussion from a page could be pasted onto the Talk page for that topic. A page that is in and itself a discussion, such as ABCs Linked List Challenge or the RoboRumble Chat page, can go on a real page of its own and be put under the Discussions Category.