Movement Challenge 2K7

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Welcome to the Movement Challenge 2K7. It's an attempt at measuring the quality of your movement in 2007 (or later =)).


  • All challengers will use the same gun, energy management and radar. These will come from the wiki/mc2k7/ file found in the zip of reference bots.
  • Each challenger's movement can be all their own :).
  • There are 8 reference bots.
  • Each challenger will meet each reference bot in 500 round seasons for regular results. Any number of seasons will be accepted for results in the challenge, except, of course, zero :).
  • Each challenger will meet each reference bot in 35 round seasons for Fast Learning results. Only 15 or more seasons will be accepted for fast learning results.
  • The challenger's score against each reference bot is calculated like "challenger_score / (challenger_score + reference_bot_score)"
    • The score will be the average of 4 sub scores, one for each of the categories listed at /Reference Bots.

Additional Information

Please post the results of your bots (or any other bot you measure) on the /Results and/or /Fast Learning Results pages.

Results chatting is best carried out on the Talk:Movement Challenge 2K7/Results page.

If you're curious about how we arrived at these rules and bot set, check out the /Pre-Chat page for the discussion.