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Bot Name


Initially I did my best to come up with something new and original. I tried hard to resist copying Weekend Obsession too closely, so it wasn't until SRAL and PRAL had gained a decent rank that I allowed myself to copy Eric's (Simonton) cool and small pattern gun to see how it would go with my modified Freddie movement. Though NeophytePattern is the strongest, I am prouder of NeophyteSRAL and NeophytePRAL as they contain more of my own ideas.

This bot held the nano crown for quite a while after taking it from Weekend Obsession. I think it was Little Black Book that eventually pushed it from the throne, or maybe Moebius. Then later bots like Yatagan and Sabreur pushed it further down the rankings.

After several years absence from Robocode I came back, borrowed a few of the latest codesize tricks and managed to add in a ram protection firepower change and did some re-tuning for the current environment which has regained a couple of places and gotten to top PWIN.

Movement is semi stop and go, but using a clever direction change idea from dft.Freddie by Alcatraz271. This same movement is also used in NeophyteSRAL and NeophytePRAL.

Some more background Neophyte has been copied across from the old wiki.