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The Neophyte series started with two things I saw on the wiki: segmentation, as used in guess factor targeting, and rolling averages. I put the two together and came up with NeophyteSRAL. The SRAL stands for Segmented Rolling Average Linear (targeting).
Sorry, but I can be a bit literal at times.

I recently updated this bot to correct a small bug and change how it was using the segmentation which has made it a little bit stronger, but still nowhere near a pattern gun. The use of rolling averages on the segmentation effectively allows it to record historicly, a little like NeophytePRAL does with its firing tick history.

Movement is semi stop and go, but using a clever direction change idea from dft.Freddie by Alcatraz271. This same movement is also used in NeophytePRAL and NeophytePattern.

Some more background Neophyte has been copied across from the old wiki.