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Author(s) User:Skilgannon
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Shadow-style melee gun, logging into circular VCS bins
Movement Melee Wave Surfing/Go To with Dynamic Clustering

Most Recent Updates

The initial release

What's special about it?

It does a nice job of surfing in a melee setting, which scales smoothly back to 1v1 surfing.

How competitive is it?

Waiting on results =)

How does it dodge bullets?

By keeping tabs on which angles (actually Guess Factors) the enemy is most likely to shoot at in different circumstances, and avoiding them

What does it save between rounds and matches?

Between rounds it saves all the surfing data, between matches nothing

Where did you get the name?

Neuromancer is the name of an AI in a book titled, fittingly, "Neuromancer"

Can I use your code?

Sure, but under the following terms:

  • Your bot MUST be OpenSource.
  • You give credit in your code, and in any documentation of your bot.
  • Pleeaase don't just take my bot, tweak it and release it under another name. Rather tell me about the changes, and I'll give you credit. =)
  • Use of this code without my personal permission in ANY competition WHATSOEVER is strictly prohibited (an exception being the Roborumble)

What's next for your robot?

  • Decent bullet power management. Right now it is only based on current energy levels.
  • Updating enemy energy levels based on bullet hits and energy bonuses from enemies hitting each other (the chain of events gets complicated)
  • Using waves with an uncertainty width, rather than just a single-tick-wide wave.
  • Tuning and adding/removing attributes in the gun and movement.

Does it have any WhiteWhales?

No idea

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Some of the goto stuff is based on DrussGT. I've perused Shiz and HawkOnFire but none of the code was directly used, just ideas from what I learned.

It takes the targeting idea of 'everybody at once' from Shadow.

It also uses Rednaxela's Kd-Tree.