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1.6 - 1948 bytes

  • More tweaks to movement, a touch of shrinking for a feature that got removed afterwards anyways (an accel segment for the 1v1 and 2v1)
  • Runs away if enemy has more energy, otherwise likes the distance '400'

1.5 - 1951 bytes

  • Tweaks to the movement
  • Slight refactor, removed redundant loop

1.4 - 1993 bytes - 75.67%, semi-finals

  • Fixed 'serializable' problem with Java 1.5
  • Changed reverser so that it *flips* the reverse state instead of setting it to *true* when Raiko's flattener triggers

1.3 - 1934 bytes

  • Added a new top secret dimension to my gun segmentation - for a total of 6 dimensions plus bins
    • Now beats KomariousTeam, and whomps GrauwuarG and ShizPair!

1.2 - 1917 bytes

  • Made the enemy more 'targetable' if they have a high 'offset'
  • Shoots with slightly less power
  • More concerned with moving perpendicular

1.1 - 1834 bytes

  • Changed the gun to a lightly segmented GF gun, with quite a few (6) segments on the offset
  • Made the movement want to reverse every now and again, according to Raiko's flattener
    • It can't beat ShizPair...

1.0: 36%

  • Initial release!
  • Uses pure melee style minimum-risk movement, moves perpendicular to close bots, and bots that have recently shot me
  • Uses a segmented PlayItForward gun, rebuilding the last 50 movements in that segment