Rambot Challenge 2K6

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Welcome to the Rambot Challenge 2K6. It's an attempt at measuring ramming performance.

If you're curious about how we arrived at this bot set and the rules, check out Talk:Rambot Challenge 2K6#PreChat for the discussion.


  1. The Challenger must be a bot with ramming as main strategy.
  2. The Challenger is free to fire at will
  3. The Challenger must face each reference bot in battle over 500 rounds.
  4. The Challenger's score against each reference bot is calculated like challenger score / (challenger score + referencebot score)
    1. Average the scores against each reference bot to get the total score.
    2. Next to that the bullet damage and ram damage of the challenger are noted
  5. At least 15% of the damage must come from ramming, otherwise the bot is not qualified as rambot.

Reference Bots

There are 4 reference bots, all real versions of the bots, none of which is crippled.

The reference bots and a RoboLeague XML file can be obtained here: Download


Please post your results on the /Results page. RoboLeague or RoboResearch can ease running this challenge.