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Ramming movement is a form of movement, the goal of which is to ram your bot into the enemy. Bots using ramming movements are known as rambots or rammers. A ramming movement is typically used in one of two cases:

  1. As a 1-vs-1 strategy. Although rambots tend not to perform very well in overall ranking, it is difficult for even the best bots to get more than a 70% score share against a good rammer.
  2. As a fatality. Since ram damage gives twice as many score points as bullet damage and ram kills can give a larger score bonus than bullet kills, ramming a disabled opponent can be a very effective finishing move. Also, many bots stop firing if their health is low, so ramming these bots is risk-free. As a bonus, watching a bot ram a disabled enemy is fun. (Watch Wolverine kill its opponents!)

How ram damage and scoring works

When your bot rams an opponent, both bots take a constant 0.6 damage. When the battle finishes, the ramming bot gets twice the total amount of ram damage as its "ram damage" score. In addition, if an enemy is killed by ramming, your bot receives 30% of all the damage it did to that enemy as a bonus. A sample score table from one round of a pure rammer vs. SittingDuck might look like this:

Rank Robot Name Total Score Survival Surv Bonus Bullet Dmg Bullet Bonus Ram Dmg * 2 Ram Bonus 1sts 2nds 3rds
1st ram.Rambot 290 50 10 0 0 200 30 1 0 0
2nd sample.SittingDuck 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

Risks of ramming as a Fatality

  • You get twice the bonus but the difference can be extremely little if the original bonus is less than ten.
  • You risk not killing the robot
  • The opponent can gain some more bullet damage while you can not
  • The inactivity timer might get activated

Recommended Precautions:

  • Wait until the last bullet fired at you has passed your position before starting to ram.
  • If ramming does not succeed within 300 ticks, start firing again to prevent loosing the normal bonus.
  • Whenever you detect an enemy bullet fired, you should abort the ram, evade the bullet and start firing again.

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