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ATTENTION: This article is not about entering a new robot into RoboRumble. Enter here.

You should consider contributing to RoboRumble and the Robocode community, by donating spare computer time to execute battles between bots (similar to the Folding@home and SETI@Home projects). The process is fully automated, so there is no pain in doing it.

Run it as much as you can! The more you run it, the faster everybody's bots will be ranked. Report problems here.

Setting up

  1. Make sure you are using Java 11. Older versions of Java may not work with certain bots.
  2. Make a new, clean installation of the version of Robocode (download) that matches what LiteRumble indicates is allowed.
  3. Edit roborumble/[roborumble/meleerumble/teamrumble/twinduel].txt and change the Put_Your_Name_Here to your preferred username.
  4. Extract the latest bot archive (42.1 MB zip file) into the "robots" directory.
  5. (Optional) On newer CPUs on which you are planning to run RoboRumble exclusively, disable Dynamic Overclocking.

There you go!

Running battles

  • Run 1v1 battles with roborumble.bat (Windows), (Linux), or roborumble.command (MacOS).
  • Run melee battles with meleerumble[.bat/.sh/.command].
  • Run team battles with teamrumble[.bat/.sh/.command].
  • Run twin duel battles with twinduel[.bat/.sh/.command].

RoboRumble bot JARs


Credits to Rednaxela for the archive server, and Jdev for the GitHub mirror.

Useful options in roborumble.txt

  • USER ‒ Your name/handle, used for identification of your roborumble client.
  • BATTLESPERBOT ‒ The minimum number of battles a bot needs before it stops getting priority.
  • NUMBATTLES ‒ The number of battles fought on each run of roborumble
  • ITERATE ‒ Whether to run battles indefinitely.
  • UPLOAD ‒ Can be used to disable uploading. Disable uploading when testing a version of Robocode NOT allowed by the server. Not really necessary, as the current server will reject results from incorrect versions anyway.


Remove the following files or directories:

  • config/
  • roborumble/files/
  • roborumble/temp/
  • robots/robot.database

And try again.



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