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The GigaRumble is a limited competition - only the 30 strongest bots in the RoboRumble 1v1 division, weighted by PWIN and tie-broken by APS, are entered. Please don't add your bot without discussing it first.

Add your bot name (as appears in the Robocode selector after packaging, so including version number) and the URL or Robocode Repository id, separated by "," (there must be no space after the comma). Please, make sure your bot is not in the list before adding it, and delete the old version if you are adding a new one.

The list is in alphabetical order. Add your bot in the right slot.

aaa.r.ScalarR 0.005h.053,
abc.Shadow 3.83c,
ags.rougedc.RougeDC willow,
aw.Gilgalad 1.99.5c, 2.0f,
cjm.chalk.Chalk 2.6.Be,
cs.Nene 1.0.5,
darkcanuck.Holden 1.13a,
darkcanuck.Pris 0.92,
davidalves.Phoenix 1.02,
dsekercioglu.mega.Raven 3.59,
dsekercioglu.mega.WhiteFang 2.8.1,
gh.GresSuffurd 0.4.13,
jk.mega.DrussGT 3.1.7,
jk.melee.Neuromancer 7.12,
jk.precise.Wintermute 0.8,
kc.mega.BeepBoop 1.11,
kc.serpent.WaveSerpent 2.11,
Krabb.sliNk.Garm 0.9u,
lxx.Tomcat 3.68,
mn.Combat 3.25.0,
mue.Ascendant 1.2.27,
pez.rumble.CassiusClay 2rho.02no,
rsalesc.mega.Knight 0.6.28,
rsalesc.roborio.Roborio 1.2.4,
tjk.deBroglie rev0108,
voidious.Diamond 1.8.22,
voidious.Dookious 1.573c, 12.9,
zyx.mega.YersiniaPestis 3.0,