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This page describes how to download and install the Robocode game.

Downloading Robocode

Robocode can be downloaded from the download page at SourceForge. This page contains all Robocode releases available for download.

The file you want to download is a JAR (Java ARchive) file, which is in fact a renamed zip file used for distributing Java programs. The name of the file will be named something like robocode-a.b.c.d-setup.jar, where a.b.c.d indicates the version number.

Note to Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc. users: A slightly out of date version of Robocode is available in the "universe" section of the apt repositories. Do not install that version. It is extremely outdated and isn't supported by the Robocode community.

Installing prerequisites

Make sure that you have followed these instructions, and that Java is installed correctly.

Installing Robocode

Youtube has a video of Windows Installation in action: click here to watch
Youtube has a video of Linux Installation in action: click here to watch

If Java has been correctly installed and configured, you should be able to run the installer by double-clicking it.

If the installer doesn't display, continue on the next section.

Installing Robocode from the command line

  1. Open a shell.
    • On Windows, search for "Command Prompt" in the Start Menu, and run it.
    • On macOS, search for "Terminal" in Spotlight, and run it.
    • On Linux, search "Terminal", "Konsole", or "xTerm" in your application launcher, and run it.
  2. Drag robocode-a.b.c.d-setup.jar to your Desktop.
  3. On Windows, type and enter:
    cd "%UserProfile\Desktop"
    On macOS or Linux, type and enter:
    cd "~/Desktop"
    If nothing is outputted, the command has succeeded. (This is typically the case for console applications.)
  4. Type and enter (replacing robocode-a.b.c.d-setup.jar with the filename of the Robocode installer):
    java -jar robocode-a.b.c.d-setup.jar
  5. The installer should run. If instead the previous command errors with 'java' is not recognized as an internal..., you have not set %PATH% correctly. Follow these instructions.

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