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The style used for writing RoboWiki articles is not nearly as formal or stringent as some other wikis, such as Wikipedia. That said, when in doubt, we do model our style after Wikipedia, and writing articles to that high standard is never a bad thing.

Writing style

The old RoboWiki had almost no guidelines as far as organization or writing style. Since moving to MediaWiki in 2009, we have cleaned up a lot. We try to make well organized, clear, concise pages, especially for important articles like Waves. We keep discussion on the Talk pages. We categorize our pages. Whatever guidelines we put here, sometimes the best source of guidance is to just look around the wiki. Popular pages or those linked from the Main Page are likely to be high quality.


There are a few different tools you might like to use to make your pages prettier or make it easier to include certain content.

  • Syntax highlighting - Surround code blocks in the <syntaxhighlight> tag to make them look really snazzy.
  • Math formulas - The <math> tag will let you write mathematical formulas without lots of crazy/manual HTML formatting.
  • RumbleStats - Allows you to insert a bot's RoboRumble details onto a page, nicely formatted and without fetching the info yourself. Really useful for version history pages.


We have lots of templates. You can see them all from Special:AllPages (Templates namespace), but here are a few of the most used ones: