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Version History - Challenge - Movement Riddles - Archived Talk 20090429
Author(s) Paul Evans
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GuessFactor Targeting
Movement Flat Movement
Current Version 3.02

Background Information

Paul's most recent description (circa 2004) read: "SandboxDT by Paul Evans is the evolution of SandboxLump, which had a superb record in the IBM RobocodeRumble. DT is usually the top bot in every contest anyone has thought up (from time to time somone comes up with a new strategy - but DT usually catches up). It supports 1-v-1, Melee, and Team battles, and in addition it always attempts to out-survive its enemies, This is THE bot to beat."

What's special about it?
From roughly 2002 to sometime in 2004, it was the top one on one, melee, and teams bot. Saying "top bot" is perhaps an understatement: it was unrivaled for much of that time, and set the bar very high for other Robocoders.
How competitive is it?
It is currently in the top 75 in General 1v1 rating, top 25 General 1v1 Premier League, and top 25 in Melee. It has not been updated since March 2004.


How does it move?
It attempts to visit all GuessFactors evenly, creating a flat movement profile that advanced guns have difficulty hitting.
How does it fire?
It uses GuessFactor Targeting.