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[[Category:Open Source Bots|Sanguijuela]]
[[Category:Open Source Bots|Sanguijuela]]

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/Evolution History
The leech
Author(s) jab
Extends AdvancedRobot
Released January 5, 2008
Current Version 0.3
Code License RWPCL

Background Info

What's special about it?

A simple micro RamBot with

  • Linear Ramming
  • Linear Targeting

The main objective of Sanguijuela's behaviour is to detect and attach the host as quickly as possible

  • It calculates the best direction to start scanning
  • It chooses ramming with the anterior or the posterior suckers depending on host's starting position

How competitive is it?

I have tested Sanguijuela's ramming performance (V0.2) with the archived results of RamBotChallenge2K6 (two years ago) and it takes the 3rd place.

Bot Ramming Percentage Overall Score
MaxRisk 0.6 24.65 46.39
SledgeHammer 0.22 21.42 45.26
Sanguijuela 0.2 21.86 44.11
ARAMtocles 0.3 20.65 44.05
NanoDeath 2.56 23.60 43.85

Additional Info

Where did you get the name?

Sanguijuela means Leech in English.

Can I use your code?

Of course, it's under RWPCL license. Make me now if it can be improved in the discussion section.

Does it have any white whales?

GrubbmThree (RamBotChallenge2K6 5th). The only ramBot that has better performance in the Rumble (January '08) than Sanguijuela (as far as I know).