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  • ...bots that do not use adaptive movement. Since there is a limit on how much data can be saved, deciding what to save and how to save it is very important. ...ctory). It is also possible to package your robot with data already in its data directory.
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  • In [[GuessFactorTargeting]], a SuperNode is a bin that carries far more data than most bins do. For example, even though Bee has 12500 bins, 95% of BeeW {{Saving Navbox}}
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  • ...bots that do not use adaptive movement. Since there is a limit on how much data can be saved, deciding what to save and how to save it is very important. ...ctory). It is also possible to package your robot with data already in its data directory.
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  • ...between rounds is to make your variables static. There is no need to save data to a file and retrieve it. You usually store the enemy information you coll ==== Location of data directory ====
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  • ** A custom data-saving technique that should allow it to store information on roughly 100 opponene ...rnalRumble]]), but well equipped for the long term (= good for saving that data).
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  • ...back to saving targeting data (and I can fit full offensive and defensive data on every bot in the rumble!) and made some small tweaks. ...ds. Dodges a dead enemy's bullets and waits until it can't be hit to save data to avoid disablement. Smart wall smoothing.
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  • This page is about the different strategies for saving data that might arise from different indiividuals creativity and different tourn ...s always an option, but I would avoid it. At the moment I estimate DT has data on only 70 or so robots at any time - and so the majority of battles DT has
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  • ** Weighting of main stat buffers is dependent on amount of data in them, up to a point. (Previously, they were weighted equally no matter w ** Data saving is off, so as to better compare to [[Ascendant/RRGC|AscendantRRGC]] and [[B
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  • ...t of each factor. Much like [[Fhqwhgads]], but unlike Fhqwhgads I save the data using a variant of [[User:Kawigi|Kawigi]]'s [[Compressed Serialization]]. L System.out.println("Error saving factors:" + e);
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  • ...nodes will be more populated than others. (It would be cool if someone has data on how the waves are distributed.) My guess is that a good GF gun like CC's ...t would mean 250 battles should be enough to gather the required amount of data. And the more battles, the better these nodes will predict the enemies futu
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  • ...e class, XanderFileUtil, that makes it easier to handle loading and saving data from and to disk across multiple versions of your robot. * boolean allowOverwriteOfNewerVersions -- applies when saving and separateByVersion is set to false; indicates whether or not to allow ol
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  • [[Category:Data Saving]]
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  • : All [[GuessFactor]] data on the opponent. No data saving between matches.
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  • Under JRE 1.4.2.x, Any bot trying to access data from the disk "gains" <b>eventually</b> a SecurityException that disables t There is a work around that has been posted for the file saving issue that applies to at least JDK 1.4.2_02. Install and chage the batch sc
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  • ...and [[Energy Management]] which [[Saving Gun Data|saves and restores enemy data from files]] where no code shrinking tricks are used. Rather I have tried t
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  • * Create ''bots'' and ''data'' subdirectories and make sure you can write to them. * If you want to delete or mess with the data files, they're in the ''data'' subdirectory in a simple key=value format.
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  • : It saves between rounds currently. I'm testing and working out the bugs for saving the Segmented Array between matches. :: Testing saving and loading of Segmented Data
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  • About the strange results, did you clean both DT's data files before your test? I just ran a 500 round battle, Tron 1.5 won, DT 1.6 Btw, i´m trying SilverSurfer version 2.12 without any saving data. It is similar to version 2.07, that scored 2009.46... Let´s see the diffe
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  • For saving past information to train our MLP. ...ty = (enemyVelocity * Math.sin(e.getHeadingRadians() - absBearing));//Some data
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  • : Between rounds, it saves all the targeting, virtual guns, and Wave Surfing data, plus some general hit statistics (percentages and damages). Between matche ...alyzing GuessFactor data invented by [[Vic Stewart]], used in Dooki's data saving.
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  • ...3 released:''' Tweaked the distance control, slightly more agressive. Data saving enabled. ...v3.31 released:''' Finally found time for some tweaks, nothing major. Data saving disabled.
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  • ...Segment|Selecting Best Segment]] - [[/Smoothing|Smoothing and Decay]] - [[Saving]] When gathering data for a statistical operation, you will segment on one or more of these varia
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  • ** Re-enabled data saving. ** Data saving in gun is disabled. (This was a mistake, but I'll let it go and change it f
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  • is saved between matches. (You tried fit GuessFactor Targeting and data saving in a MicroBot? =).
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  • * [[Waves]], to collect the data. * [[Visit Count Stats]], accumulating data into simple int arrays.
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  • ...ed some new targeting idea here, I'm happy with the movement for now. Data saving between battles postponed again.
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  • ...ounds. Then you can simply design everything without worrying about saving data.
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  • ...nd decoupled delta heading and velocity to decrease learning time. No data saving between games. No PMC specific optimisations.
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  • ...I'll find room for them again sometime, but I had to make room for saving data, and colors and one other thing in the movement just sort of had to go.
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  • Between Matches: main GF gun data Wow, adding data saving between matches bumped Squirrel up over 50 places in the rumble! I didn't
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  • ...ver time, but now there is no special advantage given to a bot which saves data between battles.
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  • ...uff. It seems to work better without it. This also saves a few bytes in my data directory. Still a top-10 bot in ER! Saving data pays much more in ER than it does in RoboRumble@Home
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  • ** small fixes in my own robot data in wave stuff ** Disabled data saving
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  • ...placing those four calls with wave.distanceToPoint(someOtherPoint) ends up saving 3 bytes; you are getting rid of 4 references to sourceLocation in your code ...that are not final), you pay one extra byte, so if you aren't saving *any* data between battles, initialize your variables in the run method or in your con
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  • ...ach opponent between rounds, nothing between matches. I tried to add data saving and loading, but it was too big, so I used the space I had elsewhere.
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  • ...]´s similar idea (credits to him). Special saving (more precise & smaller, saving only allHits) for [[HOT]]s.<br> 2.21 back, i must be missing something... faster reading data; compatible with JRE 1.3.1.<br>
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  • ...earwall' (2), ignoring the segmentation if there is not enough accumulated data. I would expect a score of about 70 in your situation. Do you evaluate whic ...ardly rolls the data at all, while the companion gun just replaces the the data in the bins as it arrives, thus rolling extremely fast if you like.) But if
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  • ...o always seems to perform best when I turn it off and just use the minimum data comparisons. I think it just needs tweaking, because it should be so much m ...gun is set up so that I can tweak all sorts of parameters for the value of data, as well as the value of the individual axis (for example, segmentation on
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  • .... In the XanderCat hybrid approach, it behaves more like VCS, in that the data is logged into a factor array, and that array is surfed in the GoTo style. '''Saving Data Between Battles?'''
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  • loop, in fact, I don't even think it happens that often in most cases. Saving the last point is for later use in the risk function (if I did this update Then I make a new wave from the current segment and data.
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  • * More analysis could improve things. Possibly changing how data points get rolled off in the StatGun and StatDrive. ...ling in the StatDrive where segments would get used before they had enough data points.
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  • ...are still huge variations between guns of the same type. But I don't have data to say how much it does or doesn't matter, either. We could make a hybrid g I found a serious bug in Waylander 0.1.10. When it tries to remove the oldest data from its StringBuilder, it removes the most recent instead. This should aff
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  • *Data saving at some point.
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  • ...s gonna destroy us at first, but we'll see. Willing to agree with the data saving, although I don't have a strong opinion either way. I know that the Surviva
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  • ...ile before the match, unless [[Paul Evans]] is around to create a non-data-saving version... When I get a chance, I'll do some benchmarking vs each of them, DT doesn't save data (or use saved data) when in challenge/reference mode, 3.02 would make a good CFC. But I believ
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