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can anyone make a better illustration213:39, 10 March 2012

can anyone make a better illustration

So, I finally made a page that wasn't just for my robots. However, as you can see, my drawing skills need a lot of work. Does anyone who can draw want to try to make a better picture? Also, is my description understandable? Finally, I assumed that Combat uses this, but it might be a little different if MN wants to check it over to make sure it is correct.

AW21:26, 9 March 2012

It´s exactly that. But "the angle most nearly perpendicular to the bearing from robot B to robot A which robot A can move at without hitting any walls" is a bit confuse. Maybe "The angle which gives the widest MEA without hitting any walls".

And a screenshot using graphical debugging would do a better job as illustration.

MN23:02, 9 March 2012

I have no idea what it is describing so I cannot really make a better image.

Chase-san13:39, 10 March 2012