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Hey, thanks for the bug report. It wasn't that at all actually, it was to do with some broken assumptions that the maximum index would always be on the most clockwise side of the peak (since I use a square kernel). However, I actually initialize the maximum index to where the gun is currently aiming to try to get some continuity in case there are ties, and so the maximum index drifts towards the anti-clockwise side of the bot the longer I shoot at it.

I've fixed it by finding both sides of the peak on either side of maxIndex, and aiming at the mid-point. If you test with 6.9 it should be a lot better at hitting SittingDuck dead center every time =)

Skilgannon (talk)22:38, 30 October 2017

You’re welcome ;) And nice to see that fixed.

Xor (talk)03:45, 31 October 2017