Feature Request: average APS diff in bots compare

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Feature Request: average APS diff in bots compare

I find that until all pairings is done it's very useful to know current avarage difference in APS between two versions - after about 100 random battles this number says fairly exactly is newer version better, than older.
Darkcanuck, can you schedule to add row for columns "% Score", "% Survival" in section "+/- Difference" in bots compare page with avarage value of corresponds columns? I think, there're work for 1-2 hours maximum

Jdev11:12, 17 November 2011

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No. May be i wrote not clear.
I mean, that i want to know average difference in pairings between 2 versions. According to my tests, this number stabilizes mach faster, than APS. And more, Common % Score does not make sense, because while there only 1 battle in every pairing it's exactly equals to APS and in another case, there may be 10 battles against Walls and 1 battle against Druss.

Jdev13:32, 17 November 2011

As far as I know, when your new version has for example 100 pairings, you will see the average APS for that 100 pairings. AND for your older version you will also see the APS for that 100 pairings. And you are right, this indicates much more reliable what your final score will be (relative to your older version) than plain APS. The one who can really answer this question is Darkcanuck.

GrubbmGait13:46, 17 November 2011

Wow, if things is like you say, it's really what i want, thanks:)

Jdev13:53, 17 November 2011

The common %score is calculated just like APS, but only for pairings that the old and new versions have in common. That makes it easier to compare two versions when the new one is still missing many pairings, or in the case where the old bot may have pairings against a lot of retired bots (and may be missing scores vs newer bots). I think that's what you're looking for...

Darkcanuck16:51, 17 November 2011

Yes, thank you:)

Jdev16:55, 17 November 2011